Holidays in the country

A journey of discovery for young and old.

Holidays on the farm

Time to yourself at last!

Holidays are the best time of the year. For the whole family! That’s because you have time for each other at last. You can rise together and enjoy breakfast with the whole family, then maybe set off on a bike ride to discover woods, moors and meadows. Or farms, because especially for town children it is a treat to be able to listen to the animals at close quarters as they whinny, grunt, cluck or moo.
Country life

Hands-on holidays

Many farmhouses offer cosy holiday accommodation in which you naturally become almost part of the family. Equally unforgettable is a night in a hay hotel! Equipped with sleeping bags and torches, families get together to spend the night in the straw. Just like in the olden days it smells of hay and straw, and sometimes it’s a little prickly too. (However, the sanitary facilities here comply with today’s standards, of course). Some farms also offer their guests the chance to help on the farm. This way you get a good insight into the varied jobs to be done here and country life in general. Depending on the time of year, you plant potatoes, harvest hay or pick berries. Twice a day the cows are milked, the pigs fed and the eggs collected from the hens’ nests.

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