Cycling in Ammerland

Around Zwischenahner Meer lake

Always on the right course – the bicycle could almost be an Ammerland invention. That’s because hardly any other landscape is better suited to cycling in the fresh air. What’s more, this is the healthiest way to get to know the holiday area around Zwischenahner Meer. With the help of our modern cycling tour system, you can choose your own routes to the numerous sights, or depending on your preferences select the most scenic, the shortest or the most varied route to your destination.

Radtour auf der Ammerlandroute bei Wiefelstede

Numerous tours Apart from the approx.

160 km Ammerland Route there is a whole range of other tours you can take to experience the variety of the landscape featuring marshes, moors and sandy upland. The 42 km Moor Route goes through typical moor areas in southern Ammerland. The early utilisation of Ammerland’s sandy upland is demonstrated on the 44 km Embankment Hedge Route. The 42 km Windmill Route takes you past impressive windmills and shows you how elegant wind energy can be. Particularly popular, above all in May and June, are the Rhododendron Routes (35 and 46 km). The 45 km Water Route takes you through the area of Ammerland with the most stretches of water. Ideal for people who don’t want to change lodgings during their brief holidays are the round-trip routes.

A paradise for inline skaters

Not only cyclists, but also inline skaters find their own little paradise in Ammerland. Many kilometres of paved pathways and lots of quiet roads make rides on the speedy wheels an unforgettable experience. At the same time, well-paved pathways provide plenty of scope for discovering the area. Just one highlight is a tour around Zwischenahner Meer lake with beautiful views of the 545-hectare lake.

The Ammerland Inline Skate Guide:

7 round trips and a route network covering 500 kilometres.
Price: EUR 4 + postage.

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