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"Ammersche" specialities

Ammerländer ham

Smoortaal and Ammerländer ham

Holidays in Ammerland mean sitting under trees, forgetting the daily grind and enjoying a quiet corner and »ammersche« specialities. Try asking a local to name something typical for the region – usually he will break into a smile and start enthusing about Smoortaal, Ammerländer ham, kale and black bread with sausage.
»Ammersche« hospitality

»Ammersche« hospitality

»Ammersche« hospitality has always been characterised by enjoyment of the good things in life and by cosiness. And even though the traditional regional cuisine has been refined in many speciality restaurants, the motto in guesthouses here is still  »let’s get together«! One of the most popular culinary specialities is Smoortaal. Eating this cooked eel with your fingers is not only allowed – it’s recommended!

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