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Rhododendron forrest park

Linswege-Petersfeld rhododendron forest park

Covering 70 hectares, Germany’s largest rhododendron park goes back to an initiative by D. G. Hobbie (1899–1985), who started planting a pine forest with rhododendrons in 1937. Today Linsweg rhododendron forest park has developed into a major meeting place of the international gardening world. Many hundreds of breeds and more than 200 wild types delight visitors to the woods from the end of April to the middle of June with their colourful blooms, and even surprise sophisticated garden enthusiasts. Small paths that add up to a length of some 8 km invite visitors to stroll for hours among billowing Alpine rhododendrons and vigorously growing plants.
D-26655 Westerstede-Petersfeld
Bus registrations:
Phone 00 49 (44 88) 22 94
Internet: www.hobbie-rhodo.de

Rhododendron park in Gristede

Gristede rhododendron park

The history of Gristede rhododendron park goes back to the brothers Erich and Wilhelm Bruns, who started building up a systematic collection of colourful rhododendrons and outdoor azaleas in the shade of a pine forest in 1950. Today visitors can admire more than 800 different types here. The collection is complemented by numerous species of Japanese maple, hazel and magnolia as well as a picturesque pond in the shade of Chinese sequoia trees. New developments on display here show current trends and demonstrate the skills of Ammerland’s nursery gardeners.
Adress: Gristeder Str.
D-26215 Wiefelstede-Gristede
Internet: www.bruns.de/html/galabau.html

Maxwald Park

Maxwald Park

Maxwald Park enchants at any time of year – with the charm of an English-style park as well as the fascinating atmosphere of Asian natural exhibits. The park was founded in 1824 and has been supplemented since 1880 by a private collection of English rhododendrons. From the end of April, visitors can admire the blooms of Himalayan rhododendrons. They are followed in May by the azalea flowers and the blooms in the English rhododendron woods. The focus in June is on the herb and rose gardens, in late summer and autumn on the hydrangeas. Additionally, the near-natural moss garden is a unique feast for the eyes.
Oldenburger Straße
D-26641 Westerstede/Fikensolterfeld
Phone 00 49 (44 88) 7 19 71
Internet: www.maxwaldpark.de

Bad Zwischenahn Kurpark

Bad Zwischenahn Kurpark

Directly next to Zwischenahner Meer lake are the gardens of the Kurpark (3 hectares) and the Ufergarten (11 hectares). Their history stretches back to 1929, when smaller areas on the banks were turned into a garden with symmetrical paths and flower beds. After 1950 the area was extended and redesigned in landscape style. The meandering paths lead guests past deep-coloured peonies, corkscrew hazel trees and geraniums, often opening up picturesque views over the lake. After their walk, visitors can take a seat in the kitchen garden of the Spieker, part of Germany’s oldest open-air museum.

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Rastede Schlosspark and Palaisgarten

In 1777, garden-lover Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig of Oldenburg laid the foundations for the Rastede park ensemble still in existence today and stretching over 330 hectares. He commissioned court gardener Carl Ferdinand Bosse to create a “walk-in painting” according to his wishes and in the style of an English landscape garden. One of the highlights is the Ammerland rhododendron breeding programme started at that time. Even today, a 280 metre-long, tree-high wall of rhododendrons forms a natural barrier at the back of the castle.

Situated opposite the castle, the Prince’s Palace was acquired in 1822. Subsequently it was converted and the garden gradually extended and put together to form a harmonious park. Thanks to clever paths and a carefully composed sequence of groups of trees and shrubs, generous lawns with in some cases exotic individual plants and small stretches of water, the Palaisgarten comes across as a varied, apparently wide-ranging landscape.

Kitchen garden in Edewecht

Natural and kitchen gardens

Additionally, Ammerland contains numerous natural and kitchen gardens in which garden fans can experience near-natural garden design explained to them by expert guides.

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