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Framing a landscape

Five landscape towers open up windows on Ammerland’s park landscape

To mark the first Lower Saxony state garden show in Bad Zwischenahn in 2002, all the local districts of Ammerland erected lookout towers as windows on characteristic parts of Ammerland’s park landscape. Each of the five towers is devoted to a subject typical for the landscape in question, which is also reflected in five different Ammerland cycling tours. All the towers are furnished with seats and tables, so they are ideal as resting places or to shelter from the rain.
The locations of the landscape windows are:


Landscape tower in ApenSubject: water

Tange in the district of Apen

The landscape window erected in a still-working water control system in Tange offers a magnificent view over the fen landscape of Barßeler Tief – a major breeding ground for grassland birds.


Landscape tower in EdewechtSubject: windmills

Osterscheps in the district of  Edewecht

The Osterscheps landscape window made of corten steel lies between a windmill dating from 1880 and a modern wind farm – and as such directly in a confrontation between the traditional and the modern.


Landscape tower in RastedeSubject: sandy upland

Hankhausen in the district of Rastede

The Hankhausen landscape window shows the dynamic forces at work in Ammerland on the edge of the Oldenburg-East Friesian sandy upland, a morphological structure from the Ice Age that is up to 20 metres high.


Landscape tower in WesterstedeSubject: rhododendrons

Giesselhorst in the town of Westerstede

The landscape window located in a managed forest in Giesselhorst shows you the magnificence of older rhododendrons growing up to 10 metres high. The mirror structure of the roof is a particular eye-catcher.


Landscape tower in WiefelstedeSubject: embankment hedges

Wemkendorf in the district of Wiefelstede

The landscape window in Wemkendorf stands in the middle of a dense network of embankment hedges that formerly served as boundary markers and are a very special feature of the Ammerland park landscape.

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