Windmills in Ammerland

Power in a picturesque disguise

A tour of discovery in Ammerland typically starts with a vistit to the windmills. These picturesque buildings were introduced a few centuries ago to make use of the constant and often fairly stiff winds to grind cereals.

Windmill in Westerscheps

Typical Ammerland

Anybody who has seen one of these mills from inside – at best in operation – quickly gains an impression of the power four wings can produce, even without sails. This can be seen for instance in the windmill in Westerscheps that is still largely in its original condition and was a working mill right up to 1995. Today the “Gallery Dutchman” is a windmill museum offering an opportunity to wonder at this equally precise and robust technology.

Wings of a historic windmill

Historical Koker windmill

In the heyday of windmills around 1900 as many as 47 wind and water mills dotted the Ammerland landscape. However, the increasing use of steam and electricity as well as restructuring in agriculture led especially after 1945 to a dramatic decline in windmills. But since the 60’s there has been a growing realisation that this destroyed not only pre-industrial cultural monuments, but also witnesses of craft and economic history. Since then, there has been a movement to restore the remaining historical windmills, for instance the two Gallery Dutchman mills in Lindern and Querenstede or in Edewecht, where to mark the town’s 850th anniversary in 2000, a historical Koker windmill was rebuilt.

Following the Ammerländer mill route

German windmill day

Support these efforts by visiting the mills while you are in Ammerland. The best way to do this is to follow the “Ammerländer mill route”. And the best time is on “German windmill day”, held throughout the country every “Whit Monday”. On this day the owners open the doors of their mills and demonstrate the old techniques of their traditional craft. The millers also offer guided tours on request on other days. It’s a fascinating world that will quickly put you under its spell!

Windmill in Westerscheps


Holländer, Bj. 1880
D-26188 Edewecht
Contact: F. Deeken
Phone 00 49 (44 05) 87 14

Bad Zwischenahn

Galerieholländer, Bj. 1814
Am Hogen Hagen
D-26160 Bad Zwischenahn
Contact: Verein für Heimatpflege
Phone 00 49 (44 03) 20 71

You can see more Gallery Dutchman windmills in these districts:
Ekern, Bj. 1910
Contact: Fr. Süsen
Phone 00 49 (44 03) 13 87 and Querenstede
Contact: Horst Lübben
Phone 00 49 (44 03) 39 31

Windmill in Westerscheps


Erdholländer, Bj. 1888
Hausmannstr. 2
D-26188 Edewecht
Contact: R. Kaptein
Phone 00 49 (44 05) 2 72

Windmill in Hengstforde


Galerieholländer, Bj. 1882
Hauptstr. 308
D-26689 Apen-Hengstforde
Contact: Fam. Schubert
Phone 00 49 (44 89) 23 33


Wassermühle, Bj. 1608
Up de Höh
D-26655 Westerstede
Contact: Heimatverein Ocholt-Howiek
Phone 00 49 (44 09) 2 90

Windmill in Edewecht


D-26188 Edewecht
Contact: G. Kahle
Phone 00 49 (44 05) 9 17 00

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