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Open-air museum \

Open-air museum “Ammerländer Bauernhaus”

Bad Zwischenahn
Am Hogen Hagen
One of Germany’s oldest museum villages (opened in 1910), 15 different buildings and a “Gallery Dutchman” windmill. Open all year round. Guided tours on request.
Phone 00 49 (44 03) 20 71

Galerie Moderne

Bad Zwischenahn
Am Delf  37
Contemporary art – paintings, drawings, sculptures
Opening hours: Wed. from 15.00 to 18.00 hrs., Sat. and Sun. from 11.00 to 17.00 hrs.

Alter Bahnhof Westerstede

Changing art exhibitions, music and theatrical performances. Programme available from Touristik Westerstede e. V.

Open-air museum “Tollhus up’n Wurnbarg”

Open-air museum

Former customs house with exhibits from the history of Ammerländer agriculture. Viewing possible on prior arrangement by phone.
Phone 00 49 (44 05) 69 65 or 69 70

Bakery museum

Am Esch 31
Old bakery machines and tools, slide show on the history of bread baking. Information and appointments: Master baker Zimmermann.
Phone 00 49 (44 02) 63 98 or Touristik Wiefelstede e. V.

Local history museum in Wiefelstede

Local history museum
“Haus von Wedel”

Hauptstrasse 11
Changing exhibitions from the areas cultural history, regional history and art. Opened Saturdays and Sundays 16.00-18.00 hrs. or by arrangement. More information available from Touristik Wiefelstede e.V.

Museum Behlen

Linderner Feldstr. 12
Farm implements from the last century. Opening times and group guided tours.
Phone 00 49 (44 09) 81 37

Museum Specken

Bad Zwischenahn
Speckener Weg 34
Local history museum, collection of old Ammerland furniture, coaches and arable implements, demonstrations of old  Ammerland crafts. Open at the weekends.
Phone 00 49 (44 03) 20 71

Ham museum

F.W. Müller ham museum

Hauptstr. 212
Opening hours Wed.–Sat. 09.00–13.00 hrs. Thurs. also from 15.00–20.00 hrs. or after arrangement by phone.
Phone 00 49 (44 89) 65 01
Farm museum “Jan Pastor sin Hus”

Farm museum in Rastede

Farm museum
“Jan Pastor sin Hus”

Raiffeisenstraße 60
1.500 m2 exhibition space with agricultural machinery from past centuries. Open Fridays and Sundays from 14.00-18.00 hrs., otherwise by arrangement.
Phone 00 49 (44 02) 8 12 61,

Artwork by Bernhard Vogel

Galerie Loy

Hankhauser Weg 32
Changing exhibitions mainly of contemporary art, covering painting and drawing, graphic art and design, sculpture and objects. Opening hours Thurs.-Sat. 14.00-18.30 hrs. and by arrangement.

Phone 00 49 (44 02) 98 84 00

Palais Rastede

Feldbreite 23
Theatrical performances, concerts, readings and art exhibitions in 2003: among others Shakespeare Days, “A look at Ammerland” permanent exhibition, “House of princes und cultural heritage” historical exhibition, art from the Meiji period, “East Friesian Siege” by Gruppe Mixtura (art and craft).

Phone 00 49 (44 02) 8 15 52

Jochen Kusber

Buschweg 29
Changing exhibitions
Phone 00 49 (44 02) 32 29

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