Art and Culture

Year-Round programme of events

A broad spectrum - Ammerland offers a whole host of art and cultural activities – concerts of all kind, readings and talks, exhibitions, plays, cabaret, special films and more ... We want to present a small selection of this extensive programme here.

Palais – Kunst- und Kulturkreis Rastede (KKR)

Rastede Palais provides the backdrop for numerous top-quality exhibitions, concerts, readings and theatrical performances by the Kunst- und Kulturkreis (art and cultural society) Rastede. In summer the club, with its 400 members, regularly stages the “Rasteder Shakespeare Days” in the English landscape garden, an event that is known even beyond the region.

Phone 00 49 (44 02) 8 15 52

Verein der Kunstfreunde Bad Zwischenahn e.V.

This “society of friends of the arts” has over 1,300 members and offers locals as well as spa and holiday guests an extensive programme covering literature, theatre, cabaret, music (classical and jazz), fine art etc. Included here are an art school for children and adults, a gallery with regular exhibitions, and active groups such as the patchwork and photographic art groups as well as literary evenings with monthly meetings. The society also holds outstanding annual events such as “Open-Air am Meer” (July), the jazz festival (August), and the long night of poetry (October).

Phone 00 49 (44 03) 93 96 50
Fax 00 49 (44 03) 93 96 52

Puppet theatre

Annes Puppenbühne

In Apen Augustfehn, the puppet theatre “ANNEs BÜHNE”, a state-recognised theatre, has been well established for years. The programme is by no means limited to children’s subjects. The theatre stages its own productions and presents other companies with generation-spanning topics and the entire spectrum of a modern puppet theatre. Its great popularity and growing audience numbers mean that it will soon extend its programme in new surroundings. However, the attraction of this kind of theatre will remain unchanged.

Annes Bühne im Männeken-Theater:
Phone 00 49 (44 89) 31 94

Vortragsvereinigung Westerstede

“Westerstede Lecture Society” offers an extensive, challenging cultural programme – from top quality classical or jazz concerts to theatrical performances and lectures, to study trips and film shows.

Phone 00 49 (44 88) 1 94 33

Freilichttheatergemeinschaft Westerstede e. V.

Every 2-3 years open-air theatre is on show on the Old Market in Westerstede. These excellent performances each attract audiences of some 35,000. They range from classic to local history plays. Fairy tales are shown for children.

Phone 00 49 (44 88) 1 94 33

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