Holidays for a breath of fresh air

From Wiefelstede to Rastede

Alongside extensive moors and sandy uplands carved out by the Ice Age, the Ammerland Route takes you to the officially recognised clean air spa town of Rastede. Then you carry on through “Mansholter Holz” woods back to Zwischenahner Meer lake.

Clean Air spa town

A holiday with tradition

A residency of counts and dukes – holidaying in Rastede has a long tradition! The counts and dukes of Oldenburg chose this as their summer residence, where they spent the best weeks of the year in magnificent houses and picturesque parks. Even today, the historical surroundings, the attractive countryside and the healthy effects of the low to medium-stimulating climate with its maritime flavour provide the ideal conditions for a holiday that is a breath of fresh air.

Rastede castle

Its origins go back to a Benedictine monastery built in 1100. On its foundations Count Anton Günther built a pleasure castle in the 17th century. It gained its current appearance in around 1800, at the same time as the gardens were redesigned in the style of an English landscape garden.

Year-round event programme

Rastede offers a whole range of cultural, festive and sporting highlights – from open-air plays readings and exhibitions, to the International Music Days, Mediaeval Spectacular, Oldenburg State Tournament or the International Grass Track Races.

An oasis of peace

Rastede gives you space to switch off and relax – for instance strolling or reading in the Castle Park, visiting the Farm Museum “Jan Pastor sin Hus” or taking a guided tour of the St.-Ulrichs church, built in 1059. It’s also well worth taking a trip to the larger town of Oldenburg, just 15 kilometres away.

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