Bad Zwischenahn

At the Zwischenahner Meer lake

Set off in style

The starting point of the Ammerland Route is Bad Zwischenahn, where you’ll find Lower Saxony’s third-largest inland stretch of water, the 5.45 km2 Zwischenahner Meer lake. In summer the lake shimmers with a backdrop of colourful sails on boats and surfboards.

The lake \

Pure nature

The heart of Ammerland

Bad Zwischenahn – that’s pure nature, clear, fresh air and its very own lake – a place that seems made for individualists and nature-lovers. The lake itself is ideal for sailing, surfing and bathing, or for cycling or walking along the 11-km pathway circling its banks. Or you can enjoy culinary trips on the boats of the “White Fleet” – the ideal maritime setting for family celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, club parties and any special occasion!

playing kids in the traffic-reduced town centre

Busy town centre

After so much fresh country air, shopping in the traffic-reduced town centre is an attractive prospect. Here you can find a wide range of shops and boutiques lining the busy streets and shopping centres. Take a break between shops in one of the numerous cafes or restaurants.

Open-air museum \

Varied leisure opportunities

Throughout the year, Bad Zwischenahn offers plenty of leisure opportunities, e.g. in the “Park der Gärten”, “Golfclub am Meer”, casino in the hunting lodge “Eiden am See” or the open-air museum “Ammerländer Bauernhaus” with 16 historical buildings, including a traditional windmill.

Bad Zwischenahn – dream location on the banks of the lake

Cures from nature

What makes Bad Zwischenahn one of Germany’s major spa towns is not only its dream location on the banks of Zwischenahner Meer lake, but above all the valuable healing substances found here – such as the mud, which is successfully used for more than 30 years in the “Reha-Zentrum am Meer” rehabilitation centre.

In the wave pool

“Wellness am Meer”

“Wellness am Meer” right next to Zwischenahner Meer lake has now been completely revamped. The wave pool with saltwater outdoor pool, the spacious sauna and the wellness centre are ready to help you relax, recharge your batteries and simply feel great all round. More information:

The event \

Fun for everyone!

A broad range of events

There’s even more culture every year in August during the “Zwischenahner Woche” with a variety of artists’ convention, craft market, festival parade and firework display. Another unforgettable experience is provided by the illumination weeks with the Christmas market in December. Thousands of lights and the romantic Christmas market with traditional arts and crafts make the whole town sparkle in a festive glow.

A view of Bad Zwischenahn

You get the best view of Bad Zwischenahn from the 40-metre-high water tower. Built in 1937 after a design by the renowned Hamburg architect Fritz Höger, this brick building offers a unique panorama over the lake and surroundings on a clear day.

Back to the 12th century

A popular stopping point during a cycle tour or walk around Zwischenahner Meer is the village of Dreibergen, where you can still see  the remains of north-west Germany’s largest hilltop fort. The building, which saw its heyday in the 12th century, developed from an old nobleman’s seat.

All about “Smoortaal” eels and Löffeltrunk schnapps

There’s also everything you need to keep body and soul together here: the excellent restaurants serve traditional, international and contemporary cuisine with culinary specialities such as “Smoortaal” eel, which should properly be eaten with the fingers and washed down with an original Ammerländer Löffeltrunk schnapps.

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