Bike Tour in Apen

Water everywhere

From Edewecht to Apen

Following the banks of the little Aue river, the Ammerland Route continues until it reaches Apen. With its quiet, water-rich fen landscape, this region is ideal for fishing, cycling, walking and family holidays …

Holidays in Apen – break on a bridge

An Ideal Holiday District

Water-rich fen landscape

A whiff of the North Sea – the tranquillity and rough charm of the Apen countryside on the border between the Ammerland park landscape and the Friesian fen region make it an ideal holiday destination. It’s just right for anybody who loves unspoilt nature and at the same time wants a low-cost holiday. With its meandering rivers, straight-as-a-die canals and green dykes, the region is ideal for cycling, canoeing, fishing and rambling. The North Sea with its eternal rhythm of ebb and flow is not only visible and palpable in the Aper Tief region, but also the “landscape window” in Tange provides an impressive picture of the dialogue between land and water.
Historic windmill in Apen

A unique work of art

Recalling an Impressionist painting, lush green meadows, swaying cornfields, little villages, damp moors, shining birch trees and idyllic waterways come together in a harmonious work of art. Fascinating bridges or historic windmills provide ideal contrasts.
Canoeing in Apen

The festival of
“1000 lanterns”

Aper Land always has something to offer – e.g. the historic farm market in Tange, the traditional corn mowing ceremony in Aperberg, the festival of “1000 lanterns” or the Fehntjer shanty choir. Sporting activities available include canoeing, fishing, riding or bathing in the heated swimming pool.
The Ham Museum of Apen

The aroma of
cold beech wood smoke

The region’s traditional cuisine offers a variety of sweet or savoury dishes. One of the highlights is a visit to the ham museum in Apen. This is Ammerland’s oldest ham smoking facility, which has been run for nine generations, and the curing chamber emits a unique aroma of cold beech wood smoke.

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